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Banks that provide loans for campers and caravans, tend to be some of Australia's largest. Lending to applicants with slightly impaired credit requires brokers who go that extra mile

There are times when your credit rating may affect loan approvals. But at Cando we try not to let this affect you. There are multiple reasons why you should be approved for your next camper trailer. Call and we will find away. Campers and caravans are classed as leisure goods by all the banks, so a blemished credit rating makes an approval difficult but not impossible. Providing we can find reasons for the blemish, document those reasons and approval is possible. Impaired credit for cars, boats, bikes and equipment are all possible. Cando brokers will all ask the right questions, if you provide the correct answer we will be able to present a good application to the best, most suitable bank on your behalf. Bad credit application require ALL outstanding information upfront before we can asses which bank is best for you.


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